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February 2022 – Celine Rae is an artist and songwriter with a passion for timeless melodies and fresh modern pop hooks.

She has just released a new single titled “My Way,” which feels like a perfect way for people to get to learn more about her sound and vision. This is the kind of song that will instantly put you in a good mood. It has a catchy beat and a bright melody that is making me look forward to next summer. In addition to that, the arrangement has a unique twist, which adds a diverse touch to the song. The verses move from a open trap-inspired beat to 4 over 3 polyrhythm that gives the track a killer dance groove. On top of it all, Celine’s vocals are melodic and versatile, showcasing a lot of depth and brightness. Fans of artists such as Katy Perry, as well as Chvrches and Halsey should not pass up on this excellent release.

Find out more about Celine Rae, and listen to “My Way.” This song is currently available on Spotify and all the best digital streaming services out there.

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