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About Celine

Dutch artist CELINE RAE turns heartbreak, emotion and her personal experiences into danceable pop-tracks. Rae calls her music stigma-free, as she always tries to inspire her fans to be themselves unapologetically no matter what they're going through. Her lyrics are honest and raw, and even through her genre is associated with party vibes, there is a message and meaning behind every song Celine Rae sings and writes. 

As a graduated music teacher, Celine’s day-to-day passion for songwriting becomes immediately clear in her songs’ undeniably clever 90’s pop throwbacks infused with modern trap- and urban instrumentation. Similar to Norwegian artists Julie Bergan and Astrid S, the Dutch singer dances as free as her songs celebrate freedom under catchy and uplifting pop anthems – with none more fitting than her new song ‘My Way’. The track depicts the difficult time in her life where peer pressure almost pushed Celine into an ill-fitting future in music. With her newfound voice in pop music and faith in her abilities, Celine Rae assembled her best friends and set a course for the stage. Five years, a bunch of singles and a couple of club shows later she found out that all she needs in life is her own approach along with the people she loves.

          "Let's dance through heartbreak together."

"Celine Rae is an artist and songwriter with a passion for timeless melodies and fresh modern pop hooks."

Artistrack, Feb '22

"Having a worthy voice that possesses the power to bend the audience’s mood in a jiffy, the talented singer amalgamates catchy pop melodies with fun danceable vibes to pour her heart out."

Issuewire, March '21

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