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About Celine

Meet 'CELINE RAE' (Uden, 1996), the Dutch singer-songwriter who effortlessly turns emotions into irresistible pop hits. With a background in music education, Celine Rae's passion for songwriting shines through her music. Inspired by '90s pop and Scandinavian icons like Julie Bergan and Zara Larsson, Celine brings a blend of nostalgia and modern vibes. Her music isn't just danceable; it carries a powerful message, setting her apart as a compelling artist in 2024.

Every week, Celine shares covers and 'open verse challenges' on TikTok, catching the attention of Kris Kross Amsterdam, Common Linnets (Ilse DeLange), Alessandra Mele, and Julie Bergan! Celine was 18 years old when her debut single 'He Said' was noticed by Dutch singer 'Frank Boeijen', leading her to perform live at national radio stations like Radio Veronica, KX Radio, and NPO Radio 1.

Since 'He Said', the singer has evolved into a formidable artist with her EP 'After Hours' and debut album 'Do Better'. To promote the album 'Do Better', Celine traveled to Oslo, Norway, to perform her single 'My Way' on the radio. This journey was captured in her YouTube docu-series "My Way To Norway", with an exclusive premiere at the P60 music venue attended by fans and industry peers.

          "Let's dance through heartbreak together."

"Celine Rae is an artist and songwriter with a passion for timeless melodies and fresh modern pop hooks."

Artistrack, Feb '22

"Having a worthy voice that possesses the power to bend the audience’s mood in a jiffy, the talented singer amalgamates catchy pop melodies with fun danceable vibes to pour her heart out."

Issuewire, March '21

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